Designed in 1981 and named after the English singer and actor Jane Birkin, the Birkin 25 is definitely unlike any other bag.

One of Hermes' bestselling bags, the Birkin is the perfect example of pure craftsmanship.

Unlike other luxury bags, the Birkin is made by one artisan from start to finish, the reason why it takes forty-eight hours to make one bag, almost a week worth of work for one bag.

Being extremely popular and worn by top list celebrities and it is no surprise that the Hermes Birkin 25 is one of the most counterfeited bags in history.

Nowadays, some fake Birkin can be extremely convincing, hence it is very important to check the authenticity of your Hermes bag before purchasing it


So how to spot a fake Hermes?


You must remember that every Hermes is genuinely handmade with care by Hermes artisans so many fake Birkins are of such poor quality that it is easy to distinguish the authentic from the fake.


Search for the iconic embossed logo stamp located on the front of the bag.

Each Hermes bag has a ‘Hermes Paris made in France’ tag embossed on the front part of the bag turning progressively smaller with each line.

On the other side fake, Hermes bags have the logo printed or pressed on the leather with the letters being generally not consistent in font or size.


Hermes bags are handcrafted using the highest quality of leather from different sources and different tanning processes, meaning each has a unique texture and characteristics.

So YES!! If a Hermes bag is too perfect it might be a fake one.



The stitching.

The Hermes bag is handmade which means do not expect the stitching to look perfect which makes every bag unique. However fake Hermes bags are usually machine stitched and have small consistent stitches.


The metal hardware on every Hermes bag.

The hardware on the authentic Hermes bag is always plated in precious metal, usually, palladium or gold, rose gold or brushed gold on rare bags with the words HERMES-PARIS on almost all the Birkin and Kelly bags.

Another very important detail to check is the rivets that hold the hardware are squared on the top when it comes to the authentic Hermes bags.


The Hermes zippers.

Closing and opening your Hermes bag should be a smooth easy task. A stiff zipper is a clear indication that the Hermes bag might be fake.

The zippers usually include the name Hermes engraved.


Authentic Hermes bags have bling date and craft stamps. The location of the stamp depends on the bag year collection and style.


Finally and unexpectedly Hermes bags do not come with an authenticity card.

Fake Hermes bags will usually come with extra accompaniments still real authentic Hermes bags will only come with a dust bag.



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